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Unfinished Thoughts

Siiri, 21, Finland. Did I hear you mention Nordic musical theatre?
Jul 22 '14

Anonymous asked:

pois luotamme joutui tuotanto kunnian / jo viisi on tullut ihmisraunioita / sydämmeenne kuulkaa sana jumalan / j&h:n lupaan vielä palaavan

liikutuksen kyynel

Jul 22 '14

is there a one-person conspiracy to make me feel all emotional about Jekyll and Utterson going on on my dash tonight or what

Jul 22 '14



One person in the BROTP finds about the other killed someone. Do they stand by them? Turn them in? Or do they find out they have killed more people, or were even an assassin? Do they accept them? Or realize they don’t know who their friend really is?

Jul 22 '14

ensignbeedrill asked:

A little night music

Ooh, one more! Thanks! :D

Opinion on it: I like it! I’ve seen it live twice a couple of years ago and remember having a good time both times. Another one on my list of shows I wish to see again one day.

Favorite song: A Weekend in the Country

Favorite scene: Probably also A Weekend in the Country.

Dream Role: One of the servants with less dialogue.

Jul 21 '14

guildenfern asked:

Jul 21 '14


dedicated to schwarze-moewe :)

Jul 21 '14

muplakuovi asked:

Ooooooooohhh I almost forgot: The Scarlet Pimpernel?

Opinion on it: The ultimate show I love to hate. It’s a miracle how awful this one can be. I’m grateful it exists. Would love to see it live. Am afraid that I’ll one day wake up and notice I like this one 100% unironically.

Favorite song: Falcon in the Dive. What does a song of this quality do in a musical like this?

Favorite scene: Anything with Chauvelin.

Dream Role: One of Chauvelin’s Norringtons.

Jul 21 '14

muplakuovi asked:

Dracula c:

Opinion on it: It’s awful! Yet I love it. Sigh. The Graz production is so perfect for mocking purposes. Good old Frankhorn. This show has brought me so much joy. And it has a couple of actually good songs and whatnot.

Absolutely cannot wait seeing this one live.

Favorite song: Zu Ende! Zu Ende!!!

Favorite scene: See the previous answer.

Dream Role: Quincey Morris.

Jul 21 '14

oopperan-kummitus asked:

Rebecca and RENT. Buahahaha. ;)



Opinion on it: It’s lovely! Again, not in my top five, but a show I like and a show I’d love to see live again.

Favorite song: Hilf mir durch die Nacht

Favorite scene: The Mrs. de Winter bin ich scene.

Dream Role: Someone in the masked ball who has a fancy costume.


Opinion on it: Ahh, good ol’ Rent. Used to love it. Have really grown over it by now. If I had to name a musical I hate, while that’s a strong word… I’m afraid Rent would be the strongest candidate. I just… There’s nothing that appeals to me here, not really. It’s a pretty clever reimagining of La bohème, yeah. But the way the characters learn nothing during the course of the story and wow, it’s so great not paying your rent and ooh, having a job that pays is the worst thing ever… Ugh. No.

Favorite song: One Song Glory. Whatever I think about the show as a whole, this is a lovely song and I still listen to it every now and then.

Favorite scene: Didn’t Benny have a scene where he talks sense in there somewhere?

Dream Role: Benny.

Jul 21 '14

swedishcosette asked:

Phantom, Jekyll & Hyde, Chicago

Answered Phantom already, but the two others…

Jekyll & Hyde

Opinion on it: Love the Finnish version, feel confused about most of the other versions… I’ve seen that when this show is done right, it’s really one of the best, an amazing experience. Then I’ve seen a small mountain of bootlegs that are hideous in their own different ways. This musical deserves so, so much better than what it often seems to get.

It’s not a perfect show by no means, no. The plot has holes, no matter which production. But thanks to the Turun kaupunginteatteri production, I’m in love and count it as one of my all-time favourites.

Favorite song: I have about six of them? Maybe Alive, if it’s done right (see: Riku Nieminen feat. orchestrations by Jussi Vahvaselkä).

Favorite scene: Anything from the Finnish script/production with Jekyll and Utterson.

Dream Role: Utterson’s sister. (So who cares if she only exists in headcanon? She’s awesome.)


Opinion on it: Like it! Not one of my biggest favourites, but something I’m excited to see live if/when I’ll get the chance.

Favorite song: All That Jazz

Favorite scene: I’m not sure. In the movie, Razzle Dazzle, but it’s been so long since I saw this live that I can’t really say about the stage version.

Dream Role: The murderess with the popping gum motivation.

Jul 21 '14

spicehobbit asked:

(since I´ve been obsessed with it for the last month (and I absolutely love your ideas on several Deaths)...) Elisabeth :-)

Heh, someone remembers the post about the Deaths? muplakuovi, do you hear this? :D


Opinion on it: I’ve only seen one video of this show, so my opinions aren’t that well-formed. It seems like a show that I’d probably enjoy, if it was directed by someone whose style I like. I didn’t much like the video I saw, but that just means there’s one director out there whose take I don’t get. I should probably take a look at some other productions sometimes!

I should mention that I like the look of many of the productions – no matter which production, it seems like a show that always looks nice.

I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of the music. I’ve listened to multiple cast recordings, I’ve tried to get into it, but it hasn’t really clicked. I don’t detest the score or anything, it’s just not one of my favourites.

Favorite song: Kitch!

Favorite scene: I don’t even remember all the scenes… Anything with Lucheni, I guess.

Dream Role: One of the Deaths in our multiple-Death scenario, of course. ;)

Jul 21 '14

uirukii asked:

POTO!! Hehe


Opinion on it: I really like PotO! But… I enjoy seeing it live, but it seems I can’t really tell the performances apart. I’ve seen it four times, with four different Phantoms, but I can’t really remember any details about the performances. Anyway, I really look forward the upcoming non-replica productions – got to pay closer attention then, so I can review them properly!

(This text I wrote about me and Phantom two years ago is still rather up-to-date, check it out for more Phantom-y thoughts.)

Favorite song: Ooh! Aargh. I can’t decide – either the title song or Primadonna. Primadonna has the managers, who are my favourites, so maybe I’ll go with that!

Favorite scene: The Overture

Dream Role: Monsieur André.

Jul 21 '14

Send me a musical and I’ll tell you

Opinion on it:
Favorite song:
Favorite scene:
Dream Role:

(Source: eldermccutie)

Jul 21 '14



I’m not proud of the way that I’ve acted

#Honestly I agree with Alex this would have been a lot better if the show was just about Raoul and Christine fixing their marraige (via thesirentrick)

Mhmm. Agreed! Gimme more Christine and Raoul, please.

Love Never Dies, a musical about the de Chagnys picking up the broken pieces of their marriage after the traumatic Phantom experience.  The Phantom is still in it, but not as a threat to their marriage; he appears as Christine’s conscience, trying to encourage her to leave Raoul.  In the end, the two realize that they both went through too much to give up on their romance and after much emotional conflict, they reconcile, emerge from their grief, and finally begin life anew because Love Never Dies.

Jul 21 '14